Product variety


Bioford Remedies offers a diverse range of tablets, providing effective solutions for various health needs.


Our encapsulated formulations ensure convenient and precise delivery of active ingredients for optimal results.

Soft Gelatin Capsules

Convenient and easy-to-swallow capsules encapsulating potent formulations for rapid absorption.


Powerful conveniently packaged for quick consumption, delivering targeted relief and support for your health


Swift and targeted delivery for rapid relief and treatment of various health conditions.


Palatable liquid formulations offering easy administration and effective treatment options.

Dry Syrups

Powdered formulations reconstituted with water, offering convenient dosing options.

Cough Syrups

Specialized formulations to relieve cough symptoms and promote respiratory health.

Pediatric Syrups/Drops

Topical formulations for localized relief and treatment of skin conditions and injuries.

Eye/Ear/Nose Drops

Specialized formulations for targeted relief and treatment of ocular, aural, and nasal conditions.

Pregnancy card

Comprehensive healthcare solutions tailored to support maternal and fetal well-being during pregnancy.

Lotion, Spray, Powder

Versatile formulations for topical application, offering soothing relief and skin nourishment.


Disinfectant solutions to prevent infection and promote wound healing.


Beauty products designed to enhance natural radiance and skincare routines.


Cleansing and nourishing solutions for personal hygiene and hair care routines.


Topical formulations for localized relief and treatment of skin conditions and injuries.


Gentle formulations to relieve constipation and promote healthy digestion.


Granulated or powdered formulations for easy administration and customized dosing.


Nutritious dietary supplements rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients for overall health and well-being.


Traditional herbal formulations rooted in Ayurveda for holistic health and wellness.

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Bioford Remedies is a health partner dedicated to providing quality, affordable medications for various health needs.



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