About Us

The Foundation
Bioford Remedies was born in 2012. By 2012 we wish to become an all India Company. Bioford Remedies is ISO– 9001 –2008 Certified Company Bioford Remedies name define itself "Trust", we believe in providing good quality Health care, Medication to all and to be trusted by all medical profession.
Corporate Philosophy
Bioford Remedies recognizes itself as a business organization with a mission, not merely an entity that exists to generate profit. This mission describes the road map towards reaching long-term objectives and establishing the organization's future vision. Moreover, it highlights the basis and values that control business conduct on all levels. Moreover, a clear future vision accessible to all company employees is an important element in portraying the desired shape of the organization in the future and therefore inspires, motivates and improves performance. This is why we keep our mission and vision in mind and heart at a time. Bioford Remedies provides high quality scientific products of recently discovered molecules at affordable prices, offering human medications that meet international quality standards. In this endeavor, Bioford Remedies is committed to alliances with highly ranked technology providers, suppliers and manufacturers. We view patients' well being as the core of our business and our ultimate goal, placing ethics, values and responsibility towards related groups at the top, on our list of priorities.
Charged With Ambition
Charged with ambition, enthusiasm, confidence and commitment, believing in our ability to achieve and accomplish, Bioford Remedies shall march towards its aspirations and reach them. Bioford Remedies shall known among healthcare professionals as a unique pharmaceutical company providing reliable products, and among patients as a company offering high quality medications. Bioford Remedies shall recognized by everyone as a company that fulfills its responsibilities towards the society and plays an active role in many sectors. Bioford Remedies shall be highly ranked among local companies, will grasping a significant share of the local market, demonstrating excellence in export, and is an attractive employer in the pharmaceutical market.
Research And Developement
Research and Development is a part of our strategy to become an integrated pharmaceutical industry. We believe R & D is of critical importance in our need to grow in the area of biotechnology and original drug research
Formulation Development :
The aim here is to devise formulations and dosage forms for new drugs to be introduced and to make variants of particular dosage forms. Another objective is to introduce drug combinations by understanding the mechanism of the interaction and the combined effects in increasing intensity of response, in decreasing untoward actions and in altering absorption.
New Drug delivery System :
The development of new delivery systems like nanoparticles and controlled drug delivery systems to ensure better compliance, less total drug, efficiency in treatment and economy.
Bio-equivalence studies :
Bioford Remedies is driven by it Vision to achieve significant business in proprietary prescription products with a strong presence in the pharma market. Bioford Remedies is eyeing upon better health achievement through effective and safe medicines based on technological innovation. Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business.
Process Developement:
One of our key objectives has been to develop indigenous processes for new drugs introduced in the developed countries, produce and introduce them in lots of countries and promptly supply them to non-regulatory markets.